[Defrost #07] — Adjusting the MELT emission schedule in the mining pool


Proposal Type: MELT emission

Proposer: Defrost Team

Proposal: This is a proposal on whether to vote to adjust the MELT emission schedule for the mining pool

As anticipated in the current MELT Emission Schedule (MELT Emission Schedule - Defrost Finance), The MELT emission for mining/staking will be decreased at a 15% rate every 3 months.

However, under the current market circumstances, some of our community members think that cutting the MELT mining incentives quarterly is no longer beneficial for Defrost Finance’s liquidity and TVL.

The current basic MELT emission is:

DefrostH2O3CRV boosting pool, 39,950 MELT/day
MELT/AVAX boosting pool, 2,550 MELT/day
H2O/AVAX boosting pool, 850 MELT/day
MELT staking, 85.89% APY in MELT

This is a proposal to decide whether to adjust the MELT emission schedule in the mining pool.


  1. Stick to the original emission plan and decrease the MELT emission by 15%.
  2. Keep the emission unchanged until a vote takes place when the market sentiment changes.