[Defrost #08] — Shutting down all normal vaults, all supervault I and three Supervault II


Proposal Type: Defrost Vaults
Proposer: Defrost Team
Proposal: This is a proposal to vote on whether to shut down all normal vaults, all Supervault I and three Supervault II.
This is one of the proposals aiming to fix the H2O peg.

At present, there are five normal vaults, six Supervault I, and a number of Supervaults II.

of Supervault II live on Defrost Finance. (Please check https://www.defrost.finance/openVault for details.)

Closing the normal vaults and Supervault I will effectively eliminate all future H2O minting.

The three supervaults II which could be shut down are the aAVAXb - ANKR (SV_II), av3crvGauge - Curve (SV_II) and sdav3CRV - Stake DAO (SV_II).

The aAVAXb - ANKR (SV_II) has attracted little TVL since inception, while the av3crvGauge - Curve (SV_II) and sdav3CRV - Stake DAO (SV_II) provide little incentives for users as the mining rewards on Curve have been stopped.

Please note that users who have outstanding positions in normal vaults, Supervault I and II will not be affected by the shutting down if this proposal is passed.


  1. Yes, shut them down.
  2. No, keep them for now.