Elephant in the room - Airdrops

Airdrops need to happen. The earliest adoptors were promissed airdrops, it feels like it has been way too long since they were promissed airdrops. This delay is hanging heavy on price and platform trust. I propose that we set out a date to do the airdrops and get it done. How about March 31st?

I hope that any airdrop will be stopped. They only serve to further dump the price of the token.

Those airdrops were promised and are not ours to “stop.” They were earned.

I concur. This isnt a good look at all. I understood why when we were originally dipping, but they still didnt release it while we had our large price increase, so what gives? Nothing shady needs to be tied to defrost if we want to gain adoption.

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yes. way too long. come on.

Would you accept an airdrop for a sibling protocol such as SLAP? That keeps pressure off melt and still gives something to hold.

The MELT airdrop needs to happen because participants were told it would. Simple as that.

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Bump :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Unless someone has another way to keep this in motion