Fixing the peg through making H2O useful

Okay. That sounds good.


About the entry fee converting to $ amount per $1000 collateral, it is a problem that we may need to redeploy the new contracts. Also, if MELT is still used as the ticket, a live MELT feed must be provided, which is not quite safe at this stage.

We could adjust it to a certain high level for now and may be adjusted later. It might be the most effective thing to do for now.


Okay…yes…just something that makes it so the fees to enter make sense from the standpoint of the protocol but also ensure the fees are still industry competitive…


What about manually adjusting on a weekly basis based on MELT price last 7 days?


Well done team with the proposals. As a Defrost user, I would love to see the H20 peg return. Increasing the stability fee will be vital to reducing the looping and levelling out the h203crv pool. My feedback (understanding it is too late to change the proposal) would gradually increase the stability fee until the imbalance is squared off / peg is reached.

It looks like proposal 10 will finish with no action so I am just sharing my thoughts.

Cheers team.