Implement a new performance fee

Hello fellow Melters

I have been thinking how can we increase the value of our beloved Melt token and incentivize holding it. What we can do is implement a so called “performance fee” between 6-10 % which will be used to buyback melt every week/month. As for now, the only fees that the project get are the 1,5 melt for each 1000 dollars of stable coin in the vaults which is basically nothing for the big aprs we are providing. Moreover that fee is a one time payment, so once the assests are there, users do not pay anything more for our services. That being said, I propose we implement a performance fee of a couple % ( for the sake of this conversation, lets say that is 2% of the APR in the vault but the % will be different considering the different vaults that we have). So, for our biggest farm with a current TVL of 75 millons with a current emission rate of 39k melt per day - that would mean with the current price of Melt of 1 $, we would get 800 $ daily buyback from this vault alone which is 24000 $ a month. If we implement this to all vaults with a variable % of performance fee depending on the APR of the vault, we will not hurt the APRs at all but will benefit the token a lot.

I would be more in favor of using that cashflow to buy back H2O and to improve the peg price. The more advantageous it is for users to leverage up and use the products that defrost offers the more tvl is going to increase and the more revenues/cashflows will be generated by the protocol to melt stakers.
It is a much more sustainable way to generate price appreciation. Sure, it takes a while longer, but at some point we can get some very nice passive yields as melt holders without ever having to sell melt.

We already have the compounding fee, the stability fee, and the SV2 MELT ticket burned on entry to SV2. Keep stacking fees and nobody has a reason to use Defrost over a competitor.