Melt entry ticket

Currently the minimum entry fee for SVIIs are at 1.25 melt which gets burned. I think its a bit unbalanced/unfair that same entry fee was paid when we were at 5 dollars and when we are at 0.5/0.6 now.
A mechanism should come into place where a minimum of 5 USDC is paid for those vault entries. So in that case if price is 0.5, then melt entry cost would be 10 melt. You may think this will reach a point where price can exceed 5 dollars again limiting potential, this is not the case because proposal also includes a ‘minimum 1.25 melt’ once this is required. All in all to summarize:

  1. 5 usdc entry in melt which is burned, once melt price exceeds 4$ the 1.25 melt entry is automatically initiated again.
    Benefits for this proposal would be more buy pressure in downtrend and fairer to the melt holder. In addition it creates a more fair minimum system.
    Same mechanism can be applied to StakeDao of 5 tickets, av3crv (2.5 tickets) and qiDai (2.5 tickets), with just a scale to factor i.e 1.25 ticket entry=5 dollars. (2.5 tickets)=10 USDC minimum entry with same concept applied

I like it and I think it is a good idea. If/as melt prices moons it could get prohibitively expensive to get into those vaults, and as you’ve pointed out it helps with protecting downside.

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This proposal would need a price oracle for melt to be implemented anyways so that a flash loan couldn’t manipulate the price. I think it would be better to make the entry ticket be a fixed percentage value of the deposit, something like 0.1% paid in melt.

I like that too, easier to implement and less complicated tbh