Strategic Acquisitions

Defrost has a lot of synergy with the benqi, pangolin and joe dapps.

At which point does it become strategically sound to start acquiring governance voting power in those protocols and in potentially other partners?

Since these dapps have so much synergy with defrost maybe acquisition of voting power in those places could be an interesting way to participate in those communities and to start doing more joint events.

Is there an existing relationship between devs? How are the relationships between the devs in each protocol?

Platypus prices have started cratering.
Would it be interesting for Defrost to start buying up Platypus governance tokens? If yes, at which point do you guys think we should start buying?

Iā€™m thinking Platypus can fall quite a bit in spite of tvl (90%+?). After it falls and we acquire some governance voting power in platypus we can do a governance vote in platypus to direct some of the token rewards to defrost like the curve and convex wars that are going on in eth. It would raise awareness about defrost and build up inflows.

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yeah.maybe after defrost become more bigger. for maybe we can partnership with more platform to provide double rewards in our governance token and their governance token