SVII MELT Ticket and Locking

At the moment the benefits of holding MELT are outweighed by the benefits of selling. As a result we are seeing a disproportionate amount of selling/sell pressure.

This proposal is to alter the MELT ticket function for future SVs and the way rewards are accrued. Right now the benefits of boosting don’t make it worth holding mined melt, especially for large holders.

The proposal is as follows. The intent is to provide greater incentive to hold MELT and drive value in doing so by making it more profitable to hold rather than sell.

1.) A user should lock the equivalent amount of MELT up for pre-defined amounts of time - 45/90/180 days, for example. MELT rewards from farming (H2O3Crv for example) are paid into the locked vault.

2.) MELT emissions/staking rewards from the general MELT farm should be reduced. The amount reduced should be used to provide increased APY rates for longer duration stakers. Longer stake, better APY. Suggest a reduced vesting schedule upon stake duration, with the initial portion inserted and some amount of rewards becoming immediately available and additional rewards paid out over a pre-determined period. A penalty for early withdrawal resulting in burned MELT (10% or more).

3.) When your stake duration ends, so too should your SVII rewards. You will be able to re-stake and re-enter, which would autocompound all of your pre-farmed MELT rewards.