Use cases for H2O

The project has been doing great with the stablecoin side of things. I think the most important thing for Defrost now is to get more people using H2O instead of just swapping it out to other stables.

Would love to hear the communities suggestions on how to get H2O used more and into more real-world use cases.

Once H2O has a purpose we will see this platform rise up and conquer!

1)more farming pair for h20 by forming partnership with other farming/dex platform
-can give double rewards for it(melt and other platform governance token)

2)launchpad that use h20 as token for ido

3)h20 stablecoin partnership with lending platform to provide h20 as collateral

4)h20 saving account (by locking h20/melt for certain period)
-earn interest on h20

5)nft sales using h20 as payment

  1. partnership with bridge in platform for h20 cross chain liquidity

also can use h20 as tournament rewards for gaming tournaments

use h20 as entry fees

work with dexes to have more trading pairs with h2o
work with lending platforms to add h2o as collateral

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Yes, the point of a stable coin should be that it is a stable coin. Make it worth holding because it’s stable and usable as currency. Right now it’s like swapping special tokens for quarters at an arcade.

Perhaps we could incentivize the pools at first to get them going.