Ve for Vested - (ve)sMelt

I would like to propose for adding a vested s melt token option for people with longer term horizon which can’t be unstaked for a few months/years based on user choice.

Such token could have the following benefits: higher melt emissions allocated there and higher voting power, while retaining boosting power and h2o rewards power.

This would dissuade talks about the team selling and serve to show the world that there is long term commitiment to this project.


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How do you propose allocating higher emissions to it? As in though a higher stake rate?

This would mean either increasing emissions or decreasing rewards for nonvested stakers. Im not sure I support this yet. Id need to see Defrost behave confidently for a longer period of time before Id be willing to lock all of my coins, and so this would likely decrease my personal rewards.

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Currently staked melt auto compounds at roughly 85.89% per year. We could redirect melt emissions from other sides to vested melt thereby decreasing sell pressure.

I don’t mean it as a way to lock in all your coins. I mean it as another staking option for locking in a portion of them.

At some stage you would have sell pressure once tokens all release at the same time as we’ve seen with many projects… I don’t think this is entirely a very bad proposal as you do get higher rewards for holding and ‘believing’ long term it’s just i don’t think it will have the desired effect

At some point there would be sell pressure, agreed on that. In the short term it reduces sell pressure for bigger sell pressure at a later date if the rewards for vesting are in higher emissions. The rewards for vesting could be in another way.

I just think those that want to hold will hold anyways whether with or without a lock. Solid proposal nonetheless probably would not be in favour